Dwarf Fairy

Step into a world of enchantment with the Dwarf Fairy rose. This magical and petite rose variety is a true delight for both children and adults alike. Its delicate and dainty blooms, in soft shades of pink and white, resemble tiny fairy wings, adding a touch of whimsy to any garden or container. Despite its small size, the Dwarf Fairy rose is a prolific bloomer, covering itself in a profusion of charming flowers that dance in the breeze. This compact rose is perfect for smaller spaces, borders, or even as a fairy garden centerpiece. With its captivating fragrance, the Dwarf Fairy rose invites you to linger in its presence and be transported to a realm of imagination and wonder. Embrace the magic of the Dwarf Fairy rose and let it sprinkle your garden with its delightful charm and beauty.

IMPORTANT: Our bare root roses are available for pre-order now and plants arrive in our nursery June – August. When your order has arrived, we will contact you to arrange payment and collection.

Please note: Supply issues beyond our control can affect our ability to guarantee supply of your bare root rose.


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